Wine Cellars have become all the rage ever since folks have started to invest more into their homes and as entertaining at home has increased as more and more people travel for work. The passion for wine hobbists and collectors has also increased so we find that people are looking to better preserve and to get better organized when it comes to their wine/spirit collections. TCC has designed and built wine cellars to address the wine collector and the wine hobbist alike. Our attention to wood selection, climate control and consistency, air circulation all come into play when laying out your vino collection. Our wine cellars can also be desired to easily and rapidly scale upward or downward your collection by leveraging various types of expansion racking systems.

We can also build out a custom wet bar including custom cabinetry for storage of your spirits, glasses, and other bar utenzils. Our wetbar designs can also account for beautiful countertops with custom mirror and glass work as needed.

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