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Structural Wall Removal

September 19, 2015 Dennis Projects

We just completed an Etobicoke bungalow home renovation that required us to remove a couple of internal walls including a structural wall holding up the house and roof.   So we essentially opened up almost the entire home including the ceiling up to the rafters to insert a massive 30 foot structural beam across the entire length of the home.

The city inspectors were pleased with the construction and noted to the home owners that the beam was even beyond what the building code required.  So once the home was secure we continued on to renovate the kitchen, basement, hallways and floors to the delight of our client.



Stone Fireplace Renovation

September 19, 2015 Dennis Projects

Wanted to share a current home remodel project that we are doing that had an old fireplace stripped to it’s bare bone, and then rebuilt back up 20 feet to an angled rooftop.    The new stone fireplace included the installation of a 900 pound natural stone hearth, and a custom design with 4 wood shelves and built-in TV enclave.   Our fireplace team laid out the entire fireplace stone layout on the ground first to confirm the size and colour pattern with our client.  Looks great!


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